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Each of us are responsible for the OUR GARBAGE until it reaches its final destination!!!

we all see the dirty shadows of bad waste practices looming large over the City because of careless littering, indiscriminate dumping , huge land filling and the indignity of scavenging of waste . And while we are aware that it may be that the glaring inadequacy of city infrastructure only lends to make matters worse.

What needs careful consideration is, what is it that ‘We’ can do about it.
The only solution source segregation of garbage,composing wet kitchen waste ,recycle and manage disposal.
We need to be sensitive about where our garbage lands once it leaves our door.It just takes a little effort to make a big difference.Do we have the right to contaminate the earth any more ? There is an obligation on our part to protect the environment.We can start by just simply segregating and manage the disposal.


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